Kaitlyn Fabry

Singer/Songwriter in Tucson, AZ

Personalized Song


Personalized Song

from 35.00

A personalized song is perfect for any occasion. It is a full length song written personally for you (or the person you choose to gift it to). Infuse your memories, thoughts, and feelings into a song that your significant other or anyone you care about can listen to for years. And they can tell everybody, this is their song! :)

Type of Song:
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Types of Songs:

Full Song - Full Production: This option will include multiple instruments (percussion, guitar, etc), harmonies, and full backing vocals.

Full Song - Simple Production: This option will feature one instrument and vocals, along with a few harmonies.

With each, you will receive one full song (approximately 3 minutes in length) recorded in mp3 format so you can listen to your heart’s delight!